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Why the need for a CoE Starter Kit

Our Admin and Governance capabilities can be broadly categorized into three categories.

Out of the Box features: These core capabilities for admins and makers exist in the product admin portals and are the easiest and most robust way to complete tasks. For example, Environment and DLP Policy creation can be executed in the PowerApps and Flow admin centers.

Platform extensions: There are four ‘admin connectors’ that provide access to the same APIs that the out-of-box product use. These have been exposed through the connectors library to give users the ability to create custom solutions to execute administrative or governance related tasks. Please refer to the Admin connectors blogs for details. For example, provisioning a new Environment can be automated using the admin connectors.

The use of the extensions (and templates below) represents a feedback loop, that we use to help prioritize our out of the box product admin features.

Templates and Customization: The CoE Starter Kit falls into this category. It is a set of templates that use the admin connectors in combination with other connectors and formulas to achieve some specified goal. The nature of a template is to provide a good solution for that specific task, but it might not have the exact functionality that everyone needs and could require adjustment to achieve what others might be looking for. For example, admins could use the Environment creation template that comes with the Starter Kit, or they can use it as a starting point and modify it as appropriate.

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